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3. Which InvisiLock® magnet should I use for my project?

The Visual Magnetics Graphic System™ may be applied to hard surface panels to create signs and displays or it may be applied directly to wall surfaces for large wall treatments and murals. Both applications require InvisiLock magnet that allows the graphic film to attract to the wall or panel.

Hard panel application: We recommend using single-sided 30-mil InvisiLock with a self-adhesive backer on hard panels. This is a peel-and-stick product that has a pressure sensitive adhesive and release liner applied to the back surface of the magnet. The adhesive will stick to metal, sealed wood, glass, plastic surfaces that are smooth, hard and free from moisture, oils or other surface contaminants. Always follow the substrate manufacturer’s recommendation on surface preparation for a rubber-based pressure-sensitive adhesive. Available in standard-energy if planning only 1-2 graphic overlays, high-energy for 3-4 overlays and with Surface Protect™ if InvisiLock fixturing is planned.

Direct to Wall application:  We recommend using double-sided, InvisiLock with Visual Magnetics’ ActiveWall® for applying the graphic system to larger wall surfaces (especially drywall). Double-sided InvisiLock is magnetic on both sides of the sheeting and is magnetically attracted to a wall that is painted with ActiveWall primer, eliminating the need for an adhesive. Available in high-energy version with and without Surface Protect.

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