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Magnetic Products

Our printable flexible magnet is a direct printable magnetic film with high quality printing outcomes. It is also one of the thinness flexible magnet with the total thickness at only 0.3mm. It is easy to bend, roll and cut. It is also eco friendly, made from environmentally friendly materials. The flexible permanent magnetic material also comes with self adhesive for foam, rubber or acrylic.


Our printable flexible magnet is ideal for use on any metallic surfaces in retail displays ,refrigerator magnets, commercial signages, banners, posters, indoor & outdoor graphics, lift posters etc.


  • Typical Uses
  • Refrigerator magnets
  • Business Cards
  • Car Signs
  • Display shelves/File Labels
  • Menu Boards
  • Planning Boards
  • Educational Items
  • Toys
  • Retail POP systems


Fridge magnets

Fridge magnets are widely used as an advertising medium. We can provide customised magnetic promotional gifts, toys and different kinds of fridge magnets. Our magnetic products can be customised and can be cut into any size,shape or design. read more…


Inkjet Printable Magnetic Paper

High quality water proof inkjet printable photo paper and extra thin flexible magnetic sheet. Can be easily cut without damaging magnetic quality and able to produce photo quality prints. Available in A3/A4/A5 sheet size or in roll size.


Typical uses:

  • Business Cards
  • Photographs
  • Promotional Items
  • Labels