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Print Media

MagnaMedia® uses cutting edge technology to coat the highest quality films with micro-iron particles. Unlike printing directly on magnets which are typically thick, difficult to print on, limited in size and image quality, MagnaMedia® is significantly thinner, smoother and more flexible.

Engineered to be ultra-low profile, MagnaMedia® allows for multi-layering of the image while giving the seamless appearance of a single layer, photo-quality print.


VM high quality films are ideal for printing high- resolution, photo- quality graphics. Comes in a variety of finishes and weights.


VM Digital Fabric Collection combines the warmth and luxurious texture of natural fabric with the innovative technology of Visual Magnetics Graphic System.



VM Digital Veneers blend the classic and organic aesthetics of wood with the innovative technology of the Visual Magnetics Graphic System®.


VM specialities uses innovative technology to print digitally and/or writing on VM-ChlakboaardTM or VM-DRYeraseTM surfaces.


Window Graphics Solutions is non-adhesive, PVC and smudge free. It comes in clear, translucent, frosted and white.