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Recycling Retired Graphics

Environmental Responsibility with Visual Magnetics Graphic System®

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
In today’s world, one of the top three environmental issues we face is waste production. Visual Magnetics has taken an important ecological step by reducing our carbon footprint in our manufacturing process and in our close working relationship with Covanta Energy, who converts retired graphics made from Visual Magnetics’ MagnaMedia® into reusable metal and sustainable energy.

Manufacturing For Sustainability
Visual Magnetics’ MagnaMedia is constructed from polypropylene or polyester films, fabrics and cellulose composites then coated with our VM engineered and patented Micro-Iron® technology. Many MagnaMedia films are constructed from films made from 25-50% recycled plastic bottles and some fabrics are made from 100% post consumer polyester.

Energy From Waste (EfW)
Energy-from-waste is a process that shreds waste and feeds it through a system of three boilers, which then in turn produce steam that is used to power a turbine to generate electricity.  The process employed by Covanta also includes the recovery of ferrous material prior to the waste being fed through the boilers.  Any non-ferrous metals as well as ferrous material missed during the front end extraction process is later seperated from the ash by- product produced at WTE Recycling in Massachusetts.  For every ton of retired graphics processed in a EfW process facility, almost one ton of Greenhouse Gas is avoided that would have been emitted during new steel production.  Covanta facilities recover and recycle over 400,000 tons of ferrous metal annually, which is enough to build an estimated 300,000 hybrid cars each year.

Take The Next Step
We need your help to create a cleaner world together.  All Visual Magnetics’ MagnaMedia are part of our Retired Graphics program.  To participate in this environmentally responsible program, simply return your retired graphics to the following address, we take care of the rest.

Visual Magnetics Retired Graphics Program
1 Emerson Street
Mendon, MA 01756
United State of America

All retired graphics returned to our facility will be delivered to Covanta Inc. where approximately 85% of MagnaMedia weight is recycled back into steel production and about 15% coverted into electricity.

For additional information on Covanta Inc. visit their website at; Reference attached letter from Richard O’Conner, Waste Manager of Covanta-SEMASS.